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lirik lagu vibrate – petey pablo

(feat. rasheeda)

yeah yeah yeah
make that -ss vibrate, make that -ss vibrate
make that -ss vibrate, shake that sh-t till you
start an earthquake

[verse 1: petey]
i want them 3, to come up here wit me
so i can put em where they ‘pose to be
one at the head, one in the middle
and one down by my feet, she keep tickling me
neighbors bangin on the wall cause we over here
disturbing the peace, baby be easy
rocking the bed so hard we done kicked off
all the sheets, don’t worry we don’t need em
a couple hours in the session we done been
through bout four cds (about four cds)
keith sweat, mary j, brian mcknight, and jodeci
(they love jodeci)
by the way look think i need a couple can of energy drinks
(yeah i’m gone need em)
cause these hoes got somethin vibrating in they coochie

[chorus 1: 2x]
i like the way yo -ss be vibrating…
i like the way yo -ss be vibrating…

[chorus 2: 2x]
make that -ss vibrate, make that -ss vibrate
make that -ss vibrate, shake that sh-t till you
start an earthquake

[verse 2: rasheeda]
bend over and touch ya toes, blow smoke got ya hoes like you blowing dro
slide down the pole, upside down do it fast or slow
round here we professionals, get flexible, real s-xual
make a n-gg- wanna eat it like a vegetable
when he see that -ss rise like a b-ttered roll
round here we gangstered out, this ain’t no t-tty bar
we let it all hang out
break bread till the song played out, show that n-gg- what a real b-tch bout
these cats thank they pimping like don juon
but they all played out like the thong song
get ya money gul, show em what you really bout
rasheeda reppin for the ladies in the south

[both choruses]

[verse 3: petey]
i can f-ck, any b-tch in here, lay her on the pillow
crawl up behind her and cram all of it in her
ride her -ss like a bicycle, hold right there
when i move you move, just like that
just as show as yo -ss is fat, there’s some 26 inch rims on a cadillac
like spinners, sittin on a sixty-seven
at the car show b-mpin funk master flex
i ain’t met a b-tch yet (and yeah) that i couldn’t have
all i gotta do is tell a hoe who i am
pull up to the side and get away from them
doom, doom, doom

[both choruses]

[chorus 2 – 2x]

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