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lirik lagu violation is the best stimulation – anasasis

i reach for the door,
but i just wasn’t sure,
should i enter your room alone?
i was under the drugs,
you were just having fun,
we didn’t mean for it to come to this,

and now i’m holding my breath,
and why i just can’t forget,
how your skin feels against mine,
and the situations insane,
we’ve lost control of our brains tonight,

and you said to me,
stop this madness,
your not listening,
then you said,
violation is the best stimulation.
i wanna feel what you feel,
i wanna taste your heat in my jaws,
just like the night i fell apart,

there’s an ache inside,
that im trying to hide,
but to you everything is so clean
but with a pull of my hair,
i was too desperate to care,
a burning sensation controls us,


– musical brigde –

is it wrong to need something,
that we don’t desire?
can you find your own truth,
through s-x with a liar?

[chorus and end]

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