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lirik lagu every now and again – watson wayne


wayne watson
it’s good to be lonely every now and again
to be parted from the ones you adore
to sit at a table for two all alone
and take a look at the world around you
at people with no one to go home to
some with a place to belong
others consumed by their weakness
and another when weak seems so strong
lord, let me be at peace wherever i am
satisfied with all i have–a faithful friend
and know i am grateful
“cause if it makes me love you even more
i know–i’m sure
it’s good to be lonely every now and again
it’s good to go down to defeat now and then
to fail at some n-bel pursuit
to fall short of the prize
and find in his eyes
there’s nothing your victory can do
to secure higher favor
he cannot love you more than now
winners and losers
all are the same somehow
and it’s good to know sorrow
to be closely acquainted with grief
to be showered with tears
no reason to cheer
to find in christ your only relief
i’m alone a lot. one spring sat-rday in a small-town “mom and
pop” restaurant, i wasn’t just alone, i was lonely. i sat and
just watched. families together, two elderly ladies out for
lunch, a mother with two unhappy babies. next time you go on a
pity binge, go off and watch the world go by and count your