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lirik lagu what if she knew – kru

yesterday i saw her again
she didn�t look the same
from the time that i left her
and i could tell just from the look on her face
she seems so much happier now, and i�m glad she�s doing better

does she know i still keep photographs of her
sometimes i just pretend she�s still here

what if she knew? what would she do?
would she give this man a second chance to prove
what if it�s true? what would i do?
i don�t wanna break her heart again
i�ll never know the truth
what if she knew?

how i wish i know what she thinks of me
if she lets me see through the pain and the heartache
and i don�t expect her to understand
that i�m just a man with such a big mistake

cause i never ever tried to do her right, now
hope she�ll never come back by my side

even if i could read your mind now
would it make a difference any how
cause the last thing i wanna do is to see you… cry again
i don�t wanna see you in pain

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