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lirik lagu what we’ve become – b.f. egypt

verse 1
sister diane
loved her boyfriend
they killed another girl ’cause
she was havin’ s-x with him
sister melissa
at her high school prom
she killed her baby boy
suffocated in the girls room
verse 2
sister susan
needed affection
was loosin’ her boyfriend and she
couldn’t handle the rejection
drove her car down
to a peaceful lake
drowned her children
sacrificed her sons for love’s sake
somebody please tell me what the h-ll is going on!
what the f-ck has happened are we heading to oblivion?
all i know is that things are getting worse
and our souls
keep on burning (keep on burning)
verse 3
father johnny
loved his little girl
he dressed her like a wh-r- and
sold her to a sleazy world
then they find her
in her bas-m-nt
dead and molested and
everybody knows who did it!
repeat chorus
break solo:
repeat chorus

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