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lirik lagu when i hustle – huey

(feat. lloyd)

naw i’ll be there in a minute
but i got something to do
you should know there’s one main thing and its

when i hustle
baby i be thinkin of u
always on my grind
spending alot of time
like we use to do
now i be out in these streets
cause baby we gotta eat and u know thats the truth
when im out on my hustle i’m comin home to u

[verse 1:]
yeah i’m a hustler
but baby girl i wanna —– with her
u the type to make a thug n-gg- turn love with her
mami let me tell u
i aint nothin like these other scrubs
it huey
count boi he fly
got money to the hizi
that yi fly g5
so if any brotha tell u he could better he lied
look i aint nelly
but i could make u hollae.i
when we f-cking in the tree top
bet u would feel better than ever when we ride
cop ua summer wardrobe in the spring time

more we around gratifies me to love u
but u should know there one main thing and thats


[verse 2:]
baby girl u be my queen
the only thing make a thug smile in his dreams
or make me feel i aint as thug as i seem
when we make love u get weak in the knees
the only female who do what she pleased
but say she aint trickin when i gettin her jeans
car when verrumum a safe in the streets
i tell u mami dont worry im safe with the heat
now come a lil closer move ur waist to the beat
in the window of my comfort for heat when u sleep
theres no other couple ——– with me



[verse 3: lloyd]
i then gone around the world before
and i know u the one for me
ur the one baby
just lay down you’ll see
shawty i could make u see
im not gone ride these streets no more
could girl its ride or die
girl its ride or die
imma get u right


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