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lirik lagu where do we go from here (interlude) – 2pac

power. pow. power…

guess who’s back? hahaha, here we go
it’s ninety-fo’, what’s next?

power. enter my world

i guess this year gonna be a motherf-cker for real n-gg-z
i swear these playa haters done got a taste of power
it ain’t all good in the hood
least not on my side, from where i stand
and the law? man, f-ck the law!
n-gg-z must outthink, outstep, and continuously outsmart
the motherf-ckin law, in every way
key word in ninety-four is ‘down low’
gots to be struggling
i see how the rich got theirs
n-gg- i’m legit, sh-t
where do we go from here?
(who’s afraid, of the punk police?
to my n-gg-z run the streets, f-ck peace) –> repeat in background
heyyy n-gg-z, where your heart at?
see motherf-ckers killin babies, killin mommas
killin kids, puttin this in they motherf-ckin mark
now what type of mixed up trick would kill the future of our race
before he would he look his enemy dead in the eye, and open fire?
these crazy motherf-ckers got toys with guns
jails for guns, but still, no god d-mn jobs
and they wonder why we loc’n up
where do we go from here?
where do we go?
-singers singing variations of ‘where do we go from here’-
all you n-gg-z out there
the clouds shook, the world listened
we stood together in april of ninety-two
with duty, and a sense of honor
there is no limit to what we can achieve
that’s all on us… us…
not my n-gg-z, not the whites, not the enemies
or none of them motherf-ckers, us
what can we do? sh-t
i declare a death sentence to all child molestors
fake–ss b-tches, male and female
and all you punk–ss snitches
we can do without your -sshole
let no man break, what we set
where do we go from here?

rest in peace, to cato, i miss you
all the other real g’s that p-ssed away in ninety-three
in ninety-four, and more
what do we do? for us?

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