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lirik lagu white house – rick ross

[verse 1]
lemme think back to ’96
when b–bie had the realest n-gg- feelin like a b-tch
they go for 20, i was gettin ’em for the 17
a lil’ g’, look at me, i was 17
born on the side of town where them killers ride around
pull up on the block with a block, gon tie it down
pistol in his pants and he stand like “f-ck you”
i’m from the other side where we ride like a bus do
thrity-six oz’s got me riding lexus
chevy at the crib, get the weed sh-t from texas
dade county d-boy, deals on the yayo
triple c the mafia, they kill when i say so
before i wrote a song i controlled the zone
i had to feed myself but b-tch i was on my own
now i push sh-t bigger than the president
i’m at the white house known as my residence

i’m in the white house (house!), i’m in the white house (house!)
i call the shots, i could get yo -ss wiped out
we in the white house (house!), we in the white house (house!)
big fantom on the lawn gettin wiped down
i’m in the white house (house!), i’m in the white house (house!)
i got a hundred of them thangs n-gg-, right now
we in the white house (house!), we in the white house (house!)
i got them hoe’s gettin on blow right now

[verse 2}
i don’t f-ck with p-ssy n-gg-z, took my sh-t to jigga man
i went to manhattan and came home a young millionaire
money on mind, i’m a trill n-gg- anyway
i’ll slap a p-ssy -ss n-gg- down for anything
motherf-ck the other side, p-ssy n-gg-z bleed pink
thats my opinion, wanna know what the chopper think?
we loading up them thangs, boy! i’m a head busta
motherf-ck the music n-gg-, where ya real muscle?
i’m in the white house, i’m in the white house
i put a hit on them n-gg-z they gettin wiped out
they gettin wiped out, and not one at a time
“car full of dead black males” read the head line


[verse 3]
i’m the fruit of the loom, i be flyin in lears
gimme food and i boom, supplying for years
i’m on top of the world, i’m gettin money
hundred grand in a day, easy i’m gettin money!
pull up real slow, i let the haters watch
out of state plates, they in a state of shock
you n-gg-z go and fish, i got a plate of shark
you better play your part, you ain’t gotta play a part
got a ak that’ll tear ya whole day apart
that stick’ll make ’em sit like a saint bernard
i’m in the white house, time to close shop
military wiped out, boy that was thirty blocks


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