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lirik lagu why did this happen to me – aisha

verse 1:

oh my, what have i done
my life has just begun
it’s so easy to make a mistake
and my heart feels like it’s gonna break
i’ve cried so many tears
had to face all of my fears
but i’m not afraid anymore
of this i’m sure
but this is my reality
and it’s hard being me


this could have happened to anyone
why did this happen to me
this could have happened to anyone
why did this happen to me
but i’m gonna make it you’ll see

verse 2:

oh god
please forgive my sins
and this mess that i’m in
i don’t know how i got here
and it doesn’t even seem fair
but this is my reality
and it’s hard being me

repeat chorus


sometimes i wanna scream
sometimes i wanna cry
and then there are the times
i just don’t understand why
sometimes i wanna scream
sometimes i wanna dream
that this never happened at all
i’m so tired of feeling sorry for myself
please lord hear me
i’m crying out for help
i’m so tired of crying in the dark
i’m not asking why
that’s why there’s no question mark
and the end of…why did this happen to me


they told you they’re okay
and that you don’t have to worry about them that way
that’s the song a lot of people sing
they told 20 other people the same thing
before they slept with them
crept with them
now you’ve got their number
now you are a number
another case on the face of this earth
it’s not about games
they’re not just numbers
they’re people with names
somebody’s brother, sister, child
not just some file or statistic
this is realistic
you’ve got a void in your life – voids
a loophole to your soul
a false sense of security
compromising your purity
you need to know why
safe s-x is an illusion, a lie
when they say safe s-x
they really mean safer s-x
safe s-x is really married s-x
between faithful people
the church and the steeple
we’re musicians not models
we’re supposed to be selling music, not s-x
so tell me what’s next
you say you can’t be blamed for society’s wrongs
but your music and your movies turn people on
it promotes certain behaviors and att-tudes
symbols of ingrat-tude
the diamonds in your chain
can’t stop it from flowing through your veins
up there singing and rapping and clapping your hands
while someone’s life returns to the sands

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