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lirik lagu wicked – lord toph


for so long i’ve been watching yov
i’m peeping throvgh yovr keyhole
yov’ve aged so pretty it’s a sin to simply know yovr thinking
i still see yov when yov’re sleeping
yes i see yov when yov’re awake
i even know yovr lvst has no self control goodness sake

here i am on top of yov
as i once was on yovr roof
i’m crawling like a thief so elfish i can be
i know that yov don’t see me
yet yov’re bovnd to feel me breathe
breath as cold as christmas eve
i’m bearing gifts to give yov
so keep yovr eyes closed wicked baby
this time yov will ride with me

wicked ye have been to me
to never give at all
i give so mvch my wicked thing
yet yov give me naught

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