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lirik lagu won’t land – wiz khalifa

“won’t land”

[verse 1]
n-gg-, yeah, fresh up off the plane
real n-gg-s embrace my music and b-tches go insane
even they kids throwin’ up the gang
they don’t bother pr-nouncin’ my name
they just look at my chain
boy how much you spent on it?
this ain’t nothin’ but hard work
and what you can get from it
ain’t no toilet paper but this smell like the sh-t
don’t it?
smokin’ chronic and drinkin’ gin
’til we get sick stomached
and them suckas ain’t gotta like it
’cause ya b-tch love it
ima roll it
she gon’ light it
tell me she in desperate need
of a pilot
i told her kick her feet up
we gon’ go to my crib
soon as i roll this weed up
call some friends of yours
and we could all have a smoke out!
you ain’t gotta hold it too long
this is rapper weed
couple hits is all you gon’ need
in my versace frames, i’m blazed!
somewhere on the island
smokin’ some ray, middle of the day,
drunk dialin’
be surprised by how high a n-gg- get
i’m a different kind of fly, we ain’t on the same sh-t

i won’t land
won’t land, won’t land [x5]

[verse 2]
no need to apologize
you should know how fly n-gg-s do
only ez-widers
been done with them cigarillos fool
i been on the road choppin’ and killin’ them interviews
heard i left a major deal
but my paper major still
and all of them fans in love with me
’cause i say what’s real
so i can never give a f-ck!
how a hater feel
but uh, every time they send a driver for me and will
i call her doin’ my talkin’ on the field
at first n-gg-s was tough,
they don’t wanna be gangstas now
faces of my flow,
yeah they copy and paste my style
wouldn’t think i notice it
while in my hotel, smokin wit yo b-tch
fool! haha
and this is it, what!
relax your feet, put on some music
roll a zip up
and we gon’ smoke it ’til it’s gone
ever see me cough?
can’t speak for suckas who do
because i’m g’d up! what!
haha! ah!


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