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lirik lagu wwyd – against all authority

call me sacreligious, i see you as ficticious
living your life in a storybook nightmare
gimmicks meant to infiltrate & hairwash todays youth
another fashion slogan what would you do
if i tore you dreams & you heard the violent screams
of a polluted, starved, corrupted world & soiled what was serene
greased up & coated evangelistic lies
now you can slide along your apathetic life
the path towards the light has made you blind
you’ve accepted moral values but you’ve left something behind
rape & murder aren’t condoned in the bible
“how to f-ck the world” should be the new t-tle
of the book that you translate to cover up your hate
if i decided your fate what would you do if i took you back
in history & you saw your family raped & murdered
in front of you because of your beliefs. hypocrite, so full of sh-t!
religion does not make a person good or bad
whose right or wrong? only fate will tell
but if it was all up to me it would be you that burned in h-ll

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