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lirik lagu 2day – yamine


(verse 1: yamine)
hey. hey. hey.hey.hey.hey.hey.hey.hey.hey. let’s go!
i know that i’m runnin
and bustin
you people go rushin
no need for cussing (nope)
i know that i cut and then i go hug it
people go fallin
while i’m just out here ballin (bars)
i got a new hook
and new book
with people lying (liar)
i know i’m shinning and shinning and shinning and shinning
she riding and biting (yummy)
i will get the head while in the bed
ain’t no time for fed (hungry)
that p is so hungry
i got the new st-tches
and new snitches
they getting hit while kicked into ditches
this beat goes hard that’s why i’m on flow
and i have these bars that are dishing………….