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lirik lagu 12th grade – zakari


yeah [repeat as necessary]

verse 1

let me take my victory lap
just for being underrated
you know
under estimated
always hated
loosing patience
i hate waiting probably why i eat fast food

i m-ss over b–bs
that was a waiting fact dude

far from perfection
my test still knee correction
not running for cl-ss president
that was probably evident
sometimes i’m hesitant

but you get what you get and a b-tch is a b-tch

whoa that wasant very nice

zakari didn’t i raise you right

well id apoligise its the anger me inside but i’m a nice guy no lie
i mean i do try

here’s why one girl seems right:
she got me up all night

yeah[repeat as necessary]

here we go againnnn

bring me a dream

make her the cutest

un hun un hun

verse 2
batta bang batta boom when i step in the room
i’m on the run so i betta lace up ma shoes

im in love with the girl put the her on ma news
so i better get in my groove