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lirik lagu bloody murderer – cursive

there’s a ghost in my bed
she cries in her sleep
she says i won’t let her leave
i lie perfectly still
as she stifles her tears
i don’t want to disturb her

‘let go, let go – please let me be
look at the ghost you’ve made of me’

dusk dropped her starry gown
i whispered out
“sweetie, are you here with me?”
the mirror crashed on the dresser
and she began to scream
“bl**dy murderer! let me rest in peace!”
“when i was yours, you fled the scene,
now you can’t wash your hands of me.”

bl**dy murder
you can’t hear the screams

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu bloody murderer - cursive adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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