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lirik lagu play your cards – yung joc

y’all know who it is
ha ha
back for the second round
f*ck a jinx, n*gg*
let me talk to y’all

well i guess it’s safe to say i’m on my job
and everything i say seems to come from the heart
and even if you hate, you gotta play your part
or just sit back and see the way i play my cards

[verse 1]
okay i’m back, sit back and listen
first alb*m platinum plaques, now watch it glisten
the baddest broads, the fastest cars
i’m sure a lot of n*gg*s wish this life was yours
but since it ain’t, y’all n*gg*s said i can’t
y’all laughed about my dance, i walked it out the bank (ha ha)
now i’ma let it happen cause we ain’t gotta start
haters mad at me cause i’m on my job
i congratulate you, somebody’s gotta do it
i’m not mad, i’m used to it
and if you feel the same, then you’s a friend of mine
won’t you tell the lames? don’t get out of line


play your cards [x17]
don’t get out of line hoe [x6]

[verse 2]
call it hustlenomics, hustle by any means
i got a lot of hustle, a whole lot of schemes
and not enough fingers for me to count on
my stock’s way up, call me dow jones
i been around the world, in almost every hood
i walk in anywhere, my face card is very good
and they don’t play round down in h-town
take ya to the bottom, i’m talkin dade county
i’ll take you out west in them low lows
you scared to rep your set, that’s a no no
i take you back to the a-town, head down
play round, i’ll make them boys make you lay it down



[verse 3]
i need a bottom b*tch, one who pays attention
respect the grind, respect my intuition
don’t get out of line, just look and listen
and soon you’ll find i’m what you been missing
and the bottom line is i’m on the clock
24/7, the hustle don’t stop
yeah i’m from the a, that’s my stomping grounds
but if you on your job, we stand on common grounds



ay, cool & dre
y’all know what it is
hustle or get hustled, n*gg*
i know you see these 10 pounds around my neck
the h by itself, 3 n*gg*
you see the dookie roll, that’s 7
count it up, 10 n*gg*
been there and i done that
block ent

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