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lirik lagu 10 12 – killing the dream


but now all that’s left is this line,
and i’m crossing it again.
just one more time for the last time.
and the worst part is in the end,
i know that you’ll be there on either side again,
no matter what we say. and no matter what you do,
you’ll be waiting long past just tonight.
but disappointment’s nothing new.
by now, you must be used to the sound of hollow words
from bl–dy lips. i’m sorry.
i’m so sorry for every empty day,
and more for those scarred with pain and tears.
we’ve come too far to quit,
and even if i could, i know i’d still do this all again.
but by now, i’ve gotten used to the sound of hollow
words from a broken mind, and i’m sorry.
i’m so sorry. but now i’m climbing against yesterday
and fighting off tomorrow.
and maybe someday, i’ll meet you at the top.
but these days are sharp, and these nights are no relief.
they hurt so bad. so just give up.
give up tonight for the last time.
show me the way again, and i promise i’ll let you down.