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lirik lagu 12 reasons why i love her – my life story


one she prefers the night to day
two she never calls me when she says
threemotorcycle riding to the south
four the way she puts her fingers in her mouth
five running just in time to miss our train
six the old park benches where we scratched our names
seven she says do or die, seven reasons why
eight her swerving hips and her lip service
nine consumes the hopes of all men dressed in black and
ten oh she ain’t got the the time to speed
eleven she leaves the pie and always always eats her
twelve well she cries do or die
twelve reasons why i love her, oh

oh twelve reasons why
twelve reasons why i wrote this love song
it’s off the cuff
i jotted down a shopping list of love
of love of love of love
i’m reminded that there’s nothing that can touch her
oh, yeah