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lirik lagu 2 piece – tech n9ne

(feat. big krizz kaliko, big scoob, joe vertigo)

watch yo mouth when you’re talking to me, i’ll knock you out
(one! two!) piece definitely
i hold it (down)
for my block, for my hood, for my sector
look at what ya mouth got ya
n-gg-s should’ve held it (down)

watch ya mouth or you might get hit in it
one piece two piece dit-dit-dit-dit-dit (down)
this is for the n-gg-s from my section
hope you learned the lesson
bully n-gg-s better hold it (down)

[verse 1 – big scoob]
left, right, right, left, he’s toothless
not two but the big homie’s ruthless
with my two fists i can move this
and bout to prove that i can move it with my true spit
i’m locked and loaded i’m ready i’m heavy lyrics so steady this for the block big homie bout
to get it mayn
it’s time to get it my n-gg- my villains spit it my n-gg-
and if you feel it my n-gg- then throw a villain mayn
veteran now bustin’ with my strange cats
chrisa calli techa nis and my n-gg- scat
chasin’ paper my nature we bout to sew up the nation
we keep it real while you fakin’ now how you love that
(?) scr-ppin and rappin see i’m attacking the action
big homie makin’ it happen now shake it shake it, girl
that p-ssy poppin’ and clappin’ now i be tossing ya cabbage
and you be watching the savage so come and get it girl


[verse 2]
watch me as i rock through the pain, i walk through the flames, insane
wit lyrical scatter and spit that’ll splatter ya brain
i’m tired of chatters get choppers to rattle ya frame
we inn like wendy’s it’s my way we robbin’ the game
i’m throwin’ them thangs, i sw-ng with the pain, deranged
to vertical murders sho dumpin’ on n-gg-s with strange
ring the alarm, the heavy f-ckin’ hitters on
my patients will scorn the heavy f-ckin’ spitters on
i’m postin’ wit tech, i’m postin’ wit g’s in the back
my swagger so mean wit the mini machine on my back
for violence i fiend, i move with a team as a crack
go loco for rojo, i put that mozzle to ya back
and take you on a walk ya won’t come back from
i take you to the other side of the black sun
(if you disrespect, you’ll die to regret it)
ya f-ckin’ right joe vertigo said it for ya mouth


[verse 3 – tech n9ne]
don’t you run up when i’m wit a b-tch
mumbling b-mpin some sh-t
talkin’ bout rap when i’m just beginning
chump, i don’t do battles and this rap will outshadow ya spit
nothing’s compatible with this wickedness
when i’m eatin’ some n-gg-s just keep beepin’
i guess they just heat seekin’ when it come off with disrespectful talk
you geeks weaken the nina’s the beast chief
and you heathens ain’t street deep so keep beefin’ and get yo head tore off
so dim scram for sight of thee grim hand
the fight’ll begin then
these n-gg-s is rose pedal soft
this ten grand to rock with me
him stand like he ought to be tin man
the gorillas’ll blow his kettle off
with big scooby joe vertigo sh-t’s groovy
with cali big nick truly
n-body is gettin’ through (keez?)
you get woozy
then outta you head through you
derouted and sh-t
who beat ’em down and issued a 2 piece


[verse 4]
you wanna battle me battle me
all that blabber and that’ll be
causin’ you cavity
givin’ you agony agony chatterin’
that’ll be the reason for your batterin’
screamin’ loud but you n-gg-s ain’t matterin’
(already warned you)
then i can give it to you with singin’ and rappin’
don’t think i can’t be clappin’ at your habitat
(if i harm you)
then you must be weak and be frequently gettin’ beaten deceit
and plus you a f-ggot now
now (down) how many mc’s must get this
‘fore they all know don’t f-ck with chris
see i’m a boss boy
f-ck around with hog style
the dudes click with strange and get tossed boy
when i’m (?)
(?) the whole night, for n-gg-s that came to fight, i’m like
f-ckin’ with cali, it might be trouble
it come in kansas city shuffle


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