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lirik lagu 2 the sky – robin thicke

its amazing the way the darkness falls
and the truth out there is cold
and nothing to keep you warm
jealousy and lies within me
i got a feeling the sun wont shine today
and i gotta to know right now
will i be rich, have everything i want
i stop myself and look to the sky

oh i got to give myself up to the sky
the only truth is in the sky

n-body else can tell cause im stuck in a spell
of greed and anger and hate
oh i tried i tried i tried to rise above it
but it comes right back
creeps up on me and it hits me
double time

this cant be my fate
its never too late
i wake up holding on to this pain
and theres nothing else i can do
but 2 give myself up to the sky

when u ask yourself
hey why me and why not me?
when youre down on your knees
look 2 the sky
just look 2 the sky
you dont need no faster car
or no bigger house
all u really need is friends and love
hey come on home
just throw up your hands
throw up your heart
all u really need is love
im comin home
so come on home

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