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lirik lagu #3 (supervillain theme / mf doom) – _n & mf doom


here’s another one
notha-notha-notha one
nameer’s back for his (grand) mother’s son…
cuz that coward’s got nuts like his uncle does
“member what you did to your brother once?”
you got him kidnapped for some sh-t you had done?

i guess it just runs in the family, doesn’t it?
it’s why i’m someone people just love to be f-cking with…

nameer’s a dumb f-ck with a gun you want to run from
nameer’s wants to shoot everyone who had f-cked him

and so it happens
as it always happens
when someone feeling crossed attacks the culprits -sses
n-body p-sses
his broken path cuz
one of his blows
might put you in a casket…
no point in asking
your god for some answers…
cuz you motherf-ckers already had your chances