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lirik lagu 6 o’clock split – 2 week notice

you can watch us
maybe even mock us
but in the end it’s all the same
you may talk the talk
and your bark is loud
can you walk the walk
where’s your loyal crowd?
you have all the funds
it’s funny you have no job
mommy will but pay for it all
you lazy fat -ss slob

why diss the band
while we bust our -ss
what’s the problem
we’ve got style
we’ve got cl-ss
you talk your trash
about all the other ones
can you back your sh-t
why don’t you come get some
let’s split

i know of your girl
man she rocked my world
what can i say
maybe if you weren’t so f-cking gay
so see we are pimps
of all punk and ska
get on the bandwagon
f-ck all your popularity laws
we all live in a house
made with nothing but gl-ss
so you throw a brick
we can’t help it if your band sucks -ss

we are not cool
we’re straight up frozen
it’s our lifestyle
nothing to put your nose in
say i’m 2 faced
print it to the press
are you jealous
cause your -ss is worthless
let’s split

well notice this
we’ll let you in
shows starts at 10
you’re gonna f-ck us
in the end
we’ll bring the noise
and start up the party
it’s gettin’ kinda shoddy
where the h-ll’s my bacardi
we’re not saying
we’re better than you
its just that you don’t know sh-t
from shampoo

were all punks or skins or rudes
or whatever the f-ck you claim you are
turn the on our sound
and sing along in your car!!!

see, the music’s all the difference
but the message is all the same
a scene with without unity
is nothing short of lame
next time ya wanna talk sh-t
and your mind is out of focus
you can get a f-ck you
from 2 week notice

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