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lirik lagu 6b panorama – aesop rock

i was sitting on my fire escape and i saw…
st-rdy bridges, decorated with dirty pigeons
a vagabond begging for three pennies and a princess
a junkie tourniquet surgeon urging the needle in
a batty senior citizen flashing that awful teethless grin
i saw a corner store merchant rest on a milk crate with a stog’
a pierced nose, a model with a stalker, cheap hooker, jay
a table on a sidewalk with four old men slappin’ dominos down
a city, a village, a neighborhood, a ghost town
i saw vandals catching tags and puerto rican flags
i saw a pregnant woman on the verge of bursting (boom)
i saw a blind man with a dog screaming ‘someday i’ll see it all’
and then he sat down with his hammer and saw
business men with multi-colored ties, cashmere checks
a n-z- with tattoos on his neck, a vietnam war vet
a caucasian man with a limp and a cane, a pimp with his names
a thug circus, a pack of shook tourists hugging their purses
i saw freaks with rainbow streaks in dayglo hair
a mother smackin’ the grin off her child, replaced it with a
a pothole, a storefront with a broken open sign
a hole in the wall bar kicking drunks to the gutter, it’s
closing time
i see a f–k up, a b-m knuckle up with a taxi driver
a squatter, a grandfather, an angry right-to-lifer
i can see the roof garden on the apartment across the street

and kick myself because somewhere along the way i lost my seeds
i see a rat, a roach, a bat approach, a happy student
a black man with a h-rn and a will to make you sit and listen to
i see a little girl on the corner with bubbles, braids and
i see a teen mother with similak pacifier and regrets
oh, a day turned stale, a hammer with a rusty nail, a failed
a universe of brick buildings slightly off balance
a challenge, i see a chance to add real colors to my favorite
raise my mighty mallet towards the gods and swing my talents
i see a crack in the sidewalk
a slide show of six civilians gripping bottles of gideon
sitting inside bent meridian
there’s a fun house ooh, a sun spout
spraying yellow beams above yellow back dreams
and children in the hydrants
tyrants(?), i see sirens
the wall to the glamor standard
a dead bird, a bent curb
a bus stop of commuters waiting to have their souls towed off to
i seen the slap dash habits of bike messengers paws
and hug that good leaf on the way to damaged packages,
oh my lord, i see bandwagons, all aboard
a carnival amus-m-nt park where a heart is a luxury
i see a gas galaxy huddled behind those pearly doors
maybe i should sit up on my fire escape a little more

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