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lirik lagu 7 days – deitrick haddon

[verse 1:]
gotta tell ya i’m so in a daze,
floating with the clouds,
the highest clouds, feels like heaven

when i think of you, i stand amazed,
so mesmerized, words can’t describe,
but i’ll try ’cause…

you’re always on my mind
seven days of the week;
even when i’m asleep,
i’m constantly dreaming of you.

it happens every time i fall to my knees,
your sweet name makes me weak,
i’m constantly dreaming of you.

[verse 2:]
when i feel your love, i’m so alive,
get b-tterflies, feels good inside,
i’m on cloud nine,

no one else can do the things you do,
amazing you,
i want to tell the whole world.

[bridge 1:]
like a flower fully bloom from a sunshine,
so beautiful,
only you can make me feel
the way i’m feeling right now

like an autumn leaf,
i’m falling so in love;
how do you make me feel this way?


[bridge 2:]
you give me peace of mind,
without you, i’ll be lost.
and thank you for your sweet love,
it feels so good,
please don’t ever leave me

[bridge 1]


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