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lirik lagu 850 music – retch


in my transition b-tch’.
i make the ‘
‘stone of ‘
kept the mouth and make the ‘
‘.f-ck that ‘
he sold you ‘kept the ‘
no supervising ‘
kept it the mouth this n-gg-s’smoke the wide and let the ‘
f-ck that ‘that employ ‘
‘here’s what i suffer ‘.
i’m looking like a ‘.in fresh and ‘
‘.let me ‘they was great and cool
been through the ‘
unbelievable here’s what i turn into
the elevated need a key to ‘
her name was sandra had to keep the ‘
‘.the p-ssy on the desk ..the ‘
that ‘wanna step and feel the
‘.like the angel …
‘we brig the ‘
‘.seed from my uncle and ‘.
toast the bottle knock it and ‘
had it ‘to my d-ck and ‘and the ‘.
the all candy it’s the ‘
i swear to god i look the ‘
with a three year conviction and the ‘
my head lay back like ‘.i’m like the bad ‘with the ‘
‘money from down and ‘
but a big body make the ‘
..on the ground and always make the ‘
see that sh-t coming ‘back and ‘
then his scandals through a banc in the air
walk out through all ‘
all i really want it great ‘
please go stay and ‘with your p-ssy juice
don’t make me have to blay the ‘

and i put all the ‘