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lirik lagu a little bitter – alice in chains

how the mind does shout for rest
when the bodies shaken, yeah
oh the tightness in my chest
still your leaves i’m raking

lord is this a test
was it fun creating, yeah?
my god’s a little sick
and he wants me crazy

are you
who can say
it’s ok to live through me?

live to be
part of me
you’re a wrinkled magazine

was it something that i said?
was it how they’re breaking, yeah
i’m so selfish, paying your rent
while your blood i’m taking

spend me
like a tree
dirty dollar bills for leaves
dark in a sea
of my seeds
and the tears on which you feed

you feed

the body is a temple
a dormant alter
to where infantile men lie around
itching and nibbling
for a small piece of sanity
of which you can not give


buying pennies with my soul
and a little heaven spent
while the h-ll i’m taking

hide from life
you know they’ll remember me

they are abh-r-d
in self-worth
all that matters much to me

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