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lirik lagu a plateful of our dead – protest the hero

“a plateful of our dead”

don’t ever ask us to define our morals
sometimes when fundamentals meet teenage heartbreak
some of us are all of us; half-selves that love whole hopes
and hara-kiri heartbreak

there’s almost nothing worse than never being real
strained voices crying wolf when n-body can hear
if i had a gun i’d pump your ethics full of lead
if i believed in meat i’d eat a plateful of our dead

there’s merit in construction when it’s done with your own hands
there’s beauty in destruction, resurrection, another chance
there’s a you and i in union but just an i in my beliefs
there’s a crashing plane with a banner that reads everyone’s naã¯ve

the only proof that i have that we shot and killed this horse
is the sounds of whips on flesh and a bleeding heart remorse
when i’m in this state of reflection and you hand me whips
and two by fours i could never bring them down and beat the same horse as before

i’d rather kill a stupid flower and spread its seeds around
until a garden with our bullet-laden morals will be found

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