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lirik lagu a prison called earth – atrocity

[ræderer / krull]

(worths, norms!)

i look in the mirror and what i can see is one face with abandoment
i can’t hide myself and i’m not free, living in mental abes-m-nt


the rising sun awakes gleams of hope, but who does trust them anymore?
a life in disillusion shows the truth of this gloomy glamour


wherever i walk on earth- a neverending search
my present is my past- my future hopeless
live the dying world! – injustice
the vicious circle turns- impetuous
from child, adolescent, adult, age of death
systematic clearence- disheartening experience
no time, no place- for a righteous change

no god, no preach could save my will to live
death was and will be
all my dreams, all my wishes like a small heap of ashes
emotions, feelings they are gone- being formed and educated by…

…a prison called earth
your end is your birth- a prison called earth
self-realization’s death- a prison called earth

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