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lirik lagu a tale from a city – justin torres


[produced by vinylz]

[verse 1]
frustration is built up, but sh-t could be so much realer
growin’ up i knew so much killers but now they dead
if i listen what they said what woulda happened to me?
snakes always tell you things look what happened to eve
& now i’m tryna figure out what am i destined to be
don’t wanna be another muhf-cka restin’ in peace
cuz now i’m p-ssed, what could i have possibly missed
i’m so phenomenal but that’s what people try to resist
remember when they told me all of what i’m doin’ is sh-t
& now i see those same people doin’ sh-t, even less
gotta smile through the bullsh-t, even stress
gotta deal with all of it if you tryna be the best
they ain’t seen another puerto rican spit like this
since big pun guess i gotta fill these big foot steps
i’m in a city full of talent point side what i’m screamin’
think i’m feelin’ really big how i thought that i was dreamin’
but i got this, hands in the air like the cop says
shed so many tears but it’s part of the process
i remember i ain’t had a penny to my name
so my n-gg-s held me down like shaq in the paint
i just wanna be the best to ever do it that’s facts
better than eminem, jay, nas & lil wayne
kendrick lamar, j cole, drake, even the game
kanye t.i., i’m a student with a brain
ready to blow, ready to show, ready to go
ready to know, everything i need to, whoa
this is not a game to me, i’m really about this
put me on that tv, see me on your couches
talk behind my back but in my face you are so proud
i’m a shake the world & the sound gon’ be so loud
if they didn’t know then i promise they will know now
kill the other rappers so quiet there be no sounds
smoke till i’m high enough to notice there is no ground
please don’t dap me up there will be no pounds
all you rappers are jokes this game should have no clowns
i got the next game & after, you got no downs
i ain’t went this hard since i was 18
that was just a song to me, now i know what drake means
try to live happy but people are gonna hate me
i don’t know what i did to ’em but they didn’t create me
i’m a monster, maybe that’s why my mama hate me
i’m adopted got me thinkin’ why my parents even make me
what if i was just aborted what if i’m not that important
i’m a leave a trail blazin’ like i came right outta portland
i just wanna be a free man, like morgan
i just wanna be me man, i’m a torres
my music take me all around the world like a tourist
last night i had a bad dream no this not the chorus
i’m a point side resident
i should be poinciana’s president
i don’t care who you think is better than me
as long as you watchin’ tell me how that hurts me?
rap’s anakin skywalker, here to bring balance
here to show the difference from entertainment & talent
lookin’ for rihanna just to tell her i’m a savage
& tell her you needed me take care of drizzy please
hands up like the song say
people wishin’ that it was me instead of harambe
eatin’ these rappers yo tengo hambre
feed me feed me feed me no h-m- they said i’m loco
people dyin’ daily in the streets cuz of po po
government lookin’ at us like no no
sh-t gettin’ realer than its ever been
i don’t wear hoodies or drink arizonas no more, don’t wanna see zimmerman
hoes been tryna get more intimate
but i’m not into it, p-ss ’em to my boys let ’em finish it
i’m so phenomenal remember the name
jt0 here to spice up the game
tryna free myself because i hate fightin’ my brain
i spit real so i always drown the mic with pain, zero
the mixtape
poinciana whaddup?

[verse 2]
i’m a drug addict, i’m addicted to bars
this for people who don’t know who we are
let me inform ya, anybody else might bore ya
said i’m actin’ hollywood like i was born in california
drop the beat like it was hot you not, my flow tight like a knot
& you tight cause you not
& i’m so white hot like a miami jersey i’m so worthy
i done been through the mud so my soul is dirty
my mind is older got me feelin’ over thirty
soldiers lurking, & they in the zone for hurting
it’s a hot winter & i’m cold as h-ll
that’s 2 double entendres holy h-ll
i did another one, khaled voice drizzy flow
back to back to back entendres whoa
i don’t know how to stop i just go
it’s like when i put the pen to the pad then my demons grow
lookin’ for god in all the places that the devil is found
i’m the rapper that takes you to other worlds wit my sound
i don’t hear none of ya bullsh-t the weed too loud
i’m jewish with the money like i’m speakin’ hebrew now
i hustle & grind to really try & get mine
i’m really tryna get by, the devil ask me to sign
but if i ever put my name on that line
then i’m snorting all the evil he tryna fill me inside, pause
now back to the action rappin’ like i ain’t lose p-ssion
what happened? backs been stabbed and
i ain’t ever goin’ back to when i had to sin
i’m practicin’ imaginin’ the mask i’m in
is so masculine i have to win
but everybody thinkin’ this bad to them
i’m the b-st-rd friend they casted in the tragic bin
i got the skills they all lack to them
cut the check, freestyles ain’t free no more
free bars ain’t me no more
i look up, i’m in the clouds so i need no floor
the lost son, what they lookin’ for nemo for?