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lirik lagu a-type – grimskunk


i’ve listened to your arguements
i’ve listened to your point of view
i know what your opinion is
i’ve heard that bullsh-t through and through
as if i didn’t know by now
you’re too lonely and cold to try
can’t think of anything better to do

think of yourself
to burnt to try
leech of the world
f-ck man wake up

no one helps you with your problems
cuz it’s all inside your head
poor baby can’t have your way this time
maybe you’d be happier dead
leader of the jock patrol
el macho muchas cool
hide behind your flawless image
you’re just an insane fool

look at yourself
steal from the weak
sh-tting on your -ss
who’d wanna help you

spike your hair and suck your d-ck
real men are never scared
you may be mister groovy tunes but
n-body f-cking cares

i’m sick ans i’m tired and i don’t wanna hear it
you live a lie your someone else but you’re
too afraid to admit
you hate everyone cuz you hate yourself
f-cking a-type lame sh-t -sshole

push your friends to be like you
scare them all a little bit
we know how big and tough you are but
no one gives half of a sh-t

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