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lirik lagu aberration – esoteric

staring as i prepare to leave this mortal coil
to p-ss through these portals
to the gateway of experience

i release, into this sense of falling
hallucinations flood my eyes
thoughts, memories pouring through

racing unchartered (sic) vessels,
evolving through this twisted, psychotropic journey

drifting within waves of consciousness
momentum gathers swiftly
pulsing, gathering intensity

deeper still,
nausea rising from the depths,
bent double with psychosis,
as vomit and blood spew forth
time and sp-ce distort as the earth pulls me down,
into a place i have never perceived

clawing for reason,
imprisoned within my own delusions
pouring frantic visions into my eyes
between drowning and burning alive,
forcing each breath,
through thoughts that endanger the being

lost within the throes of madness,
anxiety tearing the foundations of my mind

drifting through the otherworld,
slowly it subsides
conscious returns, shaken, disinterred

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