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lirik lagu abomination – brutality


time is us, we are time. nothing stops us get in line.
coming at you, out to kill. blood an guts they are my thrill.
take no thought of your life, stab you in the back.
take you to the dungeon and throe you on the rack.

abomination (x4)

you’ll scream in pain as i strap you to the bed of nails.
this is not what you expected in your wildest dreams.
you never expected this from me i’m not like this before.
now you know that i’ll get even, you won’t f-ck with me no more.

abomination (x4)

the scent of death fills the air. you call for help but it’s not there.
then i smile and stare at you. now it’s time to pay your dues.

then i use brutality you’re at the guillotine.
you begin to thrash about as i strap your head inside.
the blade is risen to the top. it hits the light and gleems.
the rope is cut, the blade it falls.

abomination (x4)