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lirik lagu aching to pupate – regina spektor

aching to pupate
aching to pup-pp-pate
[repeats 4x]
pu-pupate, pu pate,
pu-pate, pu-pupate, pu pa-ate…

i should peddle b-tterflies
there’s a shortage in the city,
i’ll stand on the street corner
all myserious and giddy,
when the p-ssers by p-ss by
i will open up my trenchcoat,
they will see the b-tterflies
dangling like fake rolexes…

every morning i wake up
with a purpose and a smirk
i’ll put on my fake moustache
i’ll drink heineken eat cornflakes…

then i’ll call my mum and dad
tell them that i’m doing fine,
or i’ll write a tipsy letter
to a real good friend of mine,
or i’ll jump upon the bed
waltzing madly with the broomstick
but before i leave the house
i will paint my lips with lipstick…

but peddling is a dirty sport
there’s compet-tion in the city,
everyone is on a street corner
all mysterious and giddy.
some are selling bags and shoes,
some are selling books and gold,
i’ve been standing here for days
not one b-tterfly’s been sold…

and how i’m
aching to pupate
aching to pup-pp-pate
[repeats 4x]
pu-pu-pate, pupate,
pupate, pu-pu-pate, pu pa-ate.

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