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lirik lagu act ii.i – an impending commence for decay – darkside of innocence

innocence swayed a child
blame then, the lord of demons
ensnaring a misleading angelic face
foolish the one, who fell in love for grace

so pure and mischievous
so grotesque and mysterious
pledged a black waltz for honesty
a pleasant war dance enticed laila with empathy

thus, her aghast entrapped heart
stained by aneon with an horrid black
sorrow shaped a darker trace for genesis
the blackest of all knights holds her name, nemesis

the darkest side of innocence in its pure form
do not have pity for the ones in torn
aneon shivers his malignity and evilly pelts his
dwelt from obscurity to darker parades

might his chant, of vicious whispers
drown her in sears
seducing laila, the poor devil’s wrath
casting his diabolism, sinister witchcraft

her innocence raped, so violated
laila, decayed from the heavens
set an inferno flight incinerated

[narration line:]
“whilst the blandished frightened wolves
bayed in awe before this tyrant
so madly she walked on aneon’s trail
and her engendered gait so triumphant”

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