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lirik lagu adored – system syn

where do you want to lead me to
you think you’re quite the siren, don’t you
but you expose too much of your inner monologue
and you like leading me on
you like being adored by everyone
but you have no intention to fulfill the promises your eyes display
so here’s my message for you today…
grow up
f-ck off
you aren’t the only one with feelings
and if you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it
or just don’t talk to me
don’t look at me
i’m quite content where i am

it holds me in this time
this image of you in my mind
a place holder of my past
still everything will fade
talk to me
and tell me what i could have done
talk to me
and tell me why it wasn’t right

tell me now
before we fade out
am i really just like them
so human

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