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lirik lagu after the fire – carentin


when the world was formed
from a fiery m-ss
bombastic explosion, big ball of gas
just another planet
on a small scale
there was an attempt to create the perfect planet
but it got nailed
got slapped in the face
when the bombs all blow
and mommies glow
and trees don’t grow no more
when children cry
get sick then die
was the perfect weapon right for us?
atomic age, set the stage for act 2
open the hanger, stealth will fly
what’s the enemies to do?
die…just die
your skin is yellow, purple, blue, red
what the h-ll’s the difference
when you lie victim to mother nature’s bloodshed
and after the fire
who will burn our flame?
all the hatred and anger
will earth be the same?
another life form takes charge
another rage another order
another ignorant man fights to increase the border