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lirik lagu ahead of you – bates


ahead of you
itâ’s not your thing
as i ribble without a course
break the rules
just unexpactables
take on your ship
but there are no new shows

you can couple (?) leaders
thats not i can do
talk revolutions
evâ’ry slogan
if you think theyâ’re true
but thereâ’s a young in abyss
and itâ’s houngry for you
please believe me
itâ’s hungry for me too
yes, itâ’s true
yeah (3x)

the simple things are quiet complicated
yes, i finally know
and thereâ’s no right for success
no metter for what you go
so donâ’t end with me
i have paid for what iâ’ve heard

you can not kiss me up the sea
thatâ’s not i can do
spredcomeful lies (?)
if you think, theyâ’re true
but you better look into the abyss
sincearly itâ’s hungry for you
if you only understood
itâ’s hungry for me too
yes; it`s true
yeah (3x)

i were weak for you
or at your helping hand
my own knees are shaken
yeah, i tried to make a stand
so good luck
(so good luck)
i wonâ’t help you
before i can
i can
i can
ahead of you

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