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lirik lagu ain’t no sense in love – take that

i’m afraid of the morning
i’m afraid of the light
you should come with a warning
you should be wearing a sign
that says you’re beautiful trouble
so you better beware
one look and i was in right over my head.

oh this misery
there’s no place on earth i’d rather be.

you’re not the one i need
you’re just the one that i want
makes a perfect sense to me
you’re not the one i need
but you’re the one that i want
ain’t no sense of love.

i try to stop myself
so many times
but i keep falling over
i keep crossing the line
the heart of a gypsy and the soul of a stone
it’s just a matter of time before you leave ma alone.

oh sweet misery
fill my heart up and pour it all over me.

it’s not logical
that’s the way i feel
it’s not logical
it’s heaven underneath my skin but it’s h-ll out here.

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