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lirik lagu aint no game – avias seay

so… its… what yall wanna do! ‘
you got your click here i got mines too!
you wanna fight ya boy… then get it down ruff!
you wanna spike ya boy… then look you aint so tough
you n-gg-s wanna shoot… my n-gg-z shoot too
you n-gg-z wanna kill… one shot yall n-gg-z through
so bring it to ya boy… i aint wasting time
i smell a n-gg- failure… you must be out ya mind!
in the club a n-gg- chilled… you wasn’t looking so fresh
you saw a n-gg- jazzy… you saw me looking my best
you stayed in yo lane… even though you was hating
i looked so fly n-gg- you shouldve been congratulating
knew that you had no reason to bring on some beef
so you made a lie now the rest we gone see
i never b-mped into you that wasn’t my style
you had you click but mines by far beyond wild
i aint faking with you n-gg– i. aint. no.child
you a lameeeeee i aint for the gamessss
we outside now so lets get it down
uma show you how a n-gg- fade from l town
verse 2
now that we fighting ima give it my all
first one to land a hit last one that’s gonna fall
you never heard about me never knew what was within
one hit now you out it’s time to attack your friends
and this is the begin n-gg- there is no end
or ends! to tha turmoil you in some deep sh-t
or should i say this nevermind n-gg- you dismiss
but my fist aint stopping my rage gotta see
who gone win this t-tle- who is it gonna be
cause you came full force you gone remember my name
this aint no f-king bullsh-t this aint f-cking game
tame aim as i bring the pain adding fuel to the fire and n-gg- um the flame
verse 3
now victory has begun who fell you last oneeeeee
it’s my priority- it is my duty
no faking with you dawg i’m ready to move on to it
you lost the fight you thought you shouldve won or ought
better off in your lane this n-gg- aint no game
other rap fighting sh-t is lame it’s amazing how industry changed
i’m moving on to the next party scene
no grilling is the no n-gg-z acting mean
cause they heard in the streets it’s me they cannot beat
it’s time for em retreat more fire blazing heat
you dirty i am neat my vengeance i will seek
fight fair and do not cheat yo lip bust n-gg- you leak
chorus 2 x’s

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