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lirik lagu ain’t no reason – mo thugs

ain’t no reason for the games these hoes play

n-gg-, it’s the year for playa haters will be exposed
these n-gg-s fallin’ off going out for these hoes
trick tellin’ you what the f-ck she gonna do
i keep on tryin’ to tell you these hoes got game to

so where’s your mack hand? wanna be mack man
turn around, slap that b-tch with a backhand
d-mn, now your girl got ya cuffed on your way gone
prepare to do about thirty days strong

see that homeboy, i told ya gotta be a soldier
f-ckin’ with cleveland, yeah, here to fold ya
n-gg-, i’m for real about this sh-t that i spit
off this hen and drove my mind, always stay lit

now what’s happenin’? cleveland in this b-tch for real
i’m tryin’ to look out for my dogs ’cause these hoes can kill
trick, how you do yours behind close doors
’cause a n-gg- know about you on the down-low

i’m the player type, i lay it right off the jump
puttin’ some sh-t in your trunk that’s gon’ b-mp
but broad i really can’t blame you
playas will learn, these hoes got game too, right

ain’t no reason for the games these hoes play

now, i done seen these hoes come in all shapes and sizes
fake to wise, ho don’t mistake the height
yeah, you got a downfall in someway or another
tryin’ to take out the next young brother

lover of this man, greed, indeed
sayin’ you love to f-ck, and smoke all his weed
hey, that’s the way life goes for these hoes
playa, the next thing to stay up on your toes

’cause a, like i told ya these hoes got game
runnin’ down a line of n-gg-s like an amtrak train
can’t explain why, i’m too busy high
herb got my mind, seein’ that i’m p-ssin’ ’em by

mission impossible, ’cause these hoes simply incapable
goin’ for the cash, and dash first chance available
b-tch, really understand me, ken d a w g from the l a n d
and i got game to come back on you twice as nice

verbally hittin’ your dome like it was a fight
can’t let me get all caught up in some sh-t
i let you know off the riff that i ain’t havin’ it, you hoes got game

ain’t no reason for the games these hoes play

i wonder, was this a set up? ’cause i know these n-gg- playa hatin’
you said there was money involved, waiting, huh
so now i come and see what it is, i handle my biz ’cause i gotta kid
and a, soon as leave out the door, i hear some sh-t

i didn’t pay it no mind ’til i heard a click
what the f-ck? these n-gg-s tryin’ to rob
undercover setup b-tch behind a job
uh, had a n-gg- thinkin’ it was about paper

b-tch, but this b-tch was really on her caper
now, i gotta wet up this b-tch
hope in the meantime, this ho get hit
d-mn, ain’t no reason for the games that you play

don’t wanna die today, but that’s the price to pay
uh, next time i p-ss up on that cash
next time, i p-ss up on that -ss
b-tch, tried to get me straight got

ain’t no reason for the shots, you done peep the plot
when the law come, i can’t explain
’cause i’m gonna let you know that you hoes got game, right

ain’t no reason for these games these hoes play
it ain’t no reason, this ain’t the season

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