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lirik lagu al azif – april ethereal

on a sun burned plain
where the thousand years sand hid the ruins
of the city of columns where
no man has ever lived
i stand in the middle of the circle of salt
i draw with my crow claw
the name of the ancients
who are remembered only by the time

in the name of nyarlathotep
i conjure yog sothoth
“the one who lives among shadows”
to show me the way
i tremble seeing how the eye of the moon
uncovers pale stumps of the ancient city
like claws of the gigantic corpse
shining venomous glare of decay

i fall on my face, in the middle of the circle
i twist and twine in pain
something st-tched my bowels
like oil, was poured into my bones
heaven was covered by the misty glow
stinking and cold – unimaginabily evil
“the one who has no name” noticed me
from behind the abyss of time and the angles of sp-ce…

i heard the hum of worms
and the flapping of millions of small wings
i know that my time is running out
becuse “the one who has no name” leads me…
for my name is abdul alhazred
and i wrote down the names of unknown creatures
i will be cursed by nations and gods
as long as the human race thinks that it rules the world

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