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lirik lagu al trout’s hokum washboard band (live) – amazing dave

down in lawrence town by the river kaw
is the rockin’-est band you ever heard or saw
you won’t need earplugs
‘cuz it’s just five mugs
makin’ jug band jazz without any jugs
they’ve got songs a-plenty
clean and dirty
blue and sporty
from maybe circa
or thirty
or forty
oh, lordy!
it’s al trout’s hok-m washboard band
and you can hear the leader daily
playin’ on his ukulele
he leads them through the streets to sing
and do that string band thing
they’ve got a stand-up b-ss
that’ll rock the place
‘cuz it’s in yo’ face
(bunga bunga bunga bunga)
the guitar’s hawaiian
when it starts cryin’
you’ll lose your mind in the pale moonshine
sister rebekah
she’s a washboard wrecker
with a nimble thimbled hand
they’ve only got one fiddle
‘cuz it ain’t nelson riddle
it’s al trout’s hok-m washboard band!
oh, look out!
[instrumental chorus]
they’ll kick yo’ -ss
‘cuz it ain’t bluegr-ss
it’s al trout’s hok-m washboard band
it’s fat and naughty
but it ain’t pavarotti
it’s al trout’s hok-m washboard band
they’ve all got white flesh
but it ain’t john tesh
it’s al trout’s hok-m washboard band
al trout’s hok-m (scratch, scratch) band!
thank you, thank you very much

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