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lirik lagu alive or dead – oxymoron


you ain? like us but you try to be
…you?e a fake you?e a joke, you are nothing like me
see no spirit behind the sound you play
…you?e a fake…
it? still our music you abuse
…you?e a fake…
it? our way of life that you misuse
…you?e a fake…

on the dole, on parole – but not selling out, alive or dead
we won? sell our soul for a f-ggy rock??oll career

this is the way we feel
this band? for now and real

we?e seeing you through
and your intentions ain? true
so f-ck you, f-ck you
if i was in your way
you would bury me alive or dead
you could hear our vows
if you came to our shows
singing f-ck you, f-ck you
there? too many of you yet
and you?e full of sh-t

the bandwagon? jumped on ?there? one ahead
…you?e a fake…
yo?ll be gone as fast as your name was spread
…you?e a fake…

you? play jazz tomorrow if that was hip
…you?e a fake…
five minute fashion? stardom trip
…you?e a fake…
there? no place among us if you wanna get
…you?e a fake..
just a famous rockstar, alive or dead
…you?e a fake…