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lirik lagu alive – upperdeck


just an ordinary girl
tryin to make it in this world
what’s my purpose here

why is so unclear
why have you put me here
why am i still in fear

and when i start to scream
surrounded in my fear
will you still be there

and when i start to cry
can’t figure out the why
you are here inside me
i’m alive

am i all alone
here inside my head
where will i find you

shiver from the cold
darkness closing in
here will i find you

just livin for today
i know no other way
i lost the light inside me

feelin so insane
wonderin why you came
i am so unworthy

and when i search for you
i know you’ll be there
and when i yearn for you
you’ll be there
you she’d your blood for me
and now i see the light
you are here inside me
i’m alive

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