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lirik lagu all about you – konshens

[verse 1]
this time you gat my intention undivided,
me and you… no one else invited
am gonna love you… caz you worthy it
wanna do you right… caz you deserve it

baby tonight… its all about you…
nothing else on mind..ooh..ooh…its all about you…
am not going no where…its all about you…no..oh..oh
am gonna do you right until the morning light
its all about you

[verse 2]
yo body’s been calling… gal am here to answer… and you know
i gat wat you need… wat you desire…
am gonna open doors you close for so long…
prepare for the right…


[verse 3]
say she want now cant wait for tomorrow
and i… given her the joy take away her sorrow
her body needs love… and am the provider
she said i gat that fire, she needed inside her

[repeat chorus]

[repeat verse 1]

[repeat chorus]

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