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lirik lagu all around me – david crowder band

[flyleaf cover]

[verse 1]
my hands are searching for you
my arms are outstretched towards you
i feel you on my fingertips
my tongue dances behind my lips for you

this fire rising through my being
burning, i’m not used to seeing you

i’m alive, i’m alive

i can feel you all around me
thickening the air i’m breathing
holding on to what i’m feeling
savoring this heart that’s healing

[verse 2]
my hands float up above me
and you whisper you love me
and i begin to fade
into our secret place

the music makes me sway
the angels singing say we are alone with you
i am alone and they are too with you

[bridge 1]
and so i cry
the light is white
and i see you

i’m alive, i’m alive, i’m alive

[bridge 2]
take my hand, i give it to you
now you own me, all i am
you said you would never leave me
i believe you, i believe

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