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lirik lagu all bodies – between the buried and me


we all create this imagery.
we all increase this lunacy.
floating, melting
open sores for exploration
exploding worlds
surrounding imaginations?
this will conclude our story
the first date of existence seems to be changing
we are their property, we are their slaves
we surround all bodies
focus- time stands still

keeper of the stars, i hope to never find
we are just mortal souls left to die
we all create this imagery.
we all increase this lunacy.
-all bodies

(the discovery)
ego, controlled killing
the tables have turned
obviously a poor creature of existance
we die one by one
we overlooked our control
fire swarming
engulfing, transforming
human restoration incomplete
the end.

(the landing)
this beautiful scenario can’t last forever
we must go see the conclusion
starting a new species, cl-ssify nothing
life grows with trees on high
nature creates this mechanical l-st
nature form this fore fed trust
we will soon live in peace
we will soon die in peace
-all bodies

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