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lirik lagu all gold fendi – corner boy p


cause i’ll fly so higher
my cl-ss is full of …
b-tch n-gg- i am no doll
so way all p-ssy is knoking
yoo n-gg- it’s be watching
we all show good looking
with a good att-tude
f-cking on a first night
all time
i want them ahead all time
she try to f-ck ..
she said “i can believe”
just watch
got to go digga
and a b-tch get gobby
we heard about it
don’t f-ck n-gg- at lest they’re problem
my n-gg- it’s rolling the f-cking d-mn but that
they say hold my n-gg-
i hold you that if you got half of bag
they say hold my n-gg-
and i don’t even try to sell it
and i don’t f-ck
with them f-ck and i shouldn’t even had to tell you
climb the set
and i set them
she f-ck with me cause i kill her p-ssy
and i pull out way cleaner
i need two change
like diamonds
a little time
get the f-cking money boy
sit down boy
n-gg- will resprect
tanga langa my n-gg-
tanga langa my b-tch
he will never say miss
let’s go