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lirik lagu all hell is breaking loose – red sky mary


we went too far
in the back my car
she’s the fastest thing i’ve ever seen
all lit up
after smashing the bar
where the whiskey tastes likes gasoline
the moon is up
and we’re burning it down
we’ll be raging all through the night
ride with me
we’ll be dancing on fire
gonna getcha, gonna getcha

all is h-ll is breaking loose
want to party with the devil?
all is breaking loose
good lord can’t help ya
all h-ll is breaking loose

li-li-li-li-li-li lightning strikes
when i hear the guitar
so loud it makes eardrums bleed
we’ll shake the earth
cus we’re rolling with thunder
we’ll be setting all your demons free
nothing can stop us
we’ll be tearing it down
doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right
it’s you and me baby
playing with fire
gonna getcha, gonna getcha


ah, break it loose!

we’re going down like a hurricane
we’re shooting fire and there ain’t no shame
come on baby climb aboard the this train
i’m getting on you, scream my name
i said oh, all h-ll is breaking loose


and i want to break it all over you