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lirik lagu all i need – bethany dillon

when the day is done
and there’s no one else around
while i’m lying here in bed
you’re in my heart, you’re in my head
you’re all i need, you’re all i need
there are a million voices
calling out my name
but you’re the one i want to hear
so make the others disappear

you are all i need when i’m surrounded
you are all i need if i’m by myself
you fill me when i’m empty
there is nothing else
you’re all i need

when the morning comes
and your mercy is renewed
there’s a fire in my bones
i’m not afraid to go alone
you’re all i need
you’re all i need
the sun on my face
i hear you whisper loud
you’re still the god that opens seas
every flower, even me
you’re all i need
you’re all i need

i’m drawn to everything that you do
nothing compares with you

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